Content Marketing Course

Develop a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience.

Learn how to create and share media and publishing content to drive profitable customers’ actions.

6 lesson to build a solid background.
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The lesson will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:00 to 9:00 pm GMT
After 24 hours a recorded video of the lesson will be available for the students interested to review the lesson

We have courses every month, just drop us a line to book your spot.
Date for the following courses:

16 May 2016                                                                 13June 2016


Using the online platform available on the Blackboard, the students will practice the concepts explained during the lessons and develop a confident set of skills based on knowledge acquired by experience rather than theory

You may also schedule 1-to-1 sessions with your Tutor or a Teaching Assistant to ask specific questions and get help on particular topics. These sessions are in a limited number and the reservations are taken based on a first come – first served policy, subjected to a fair use


  • Andrea Nicosia
    Andrea NicosiaDigital Marketing Tutor

    Andrea studies the intersection of technology, society, and design to provide innovative and creative marketing process and product solutions for brands and firms. During his career, he analysed a multitude of brands’ online presence, implemented creative ways to improve the quality of the brands’ digital presences, and developed social media marketing strategies.


  • Why a course on digital subject matters?
    Gaining experience in the digital industry is an essential 21st century skill. Learning digital skills opens up new chances to find a job and improving your current positions. But developing your digital skills will also give you the knowledge to understand how our world works. You will be able to look under the hood and understand why and how ever more pervasive algorithms and software shape the world we live in.
  • How quickly will I find a new job?
    We cannot make promises. But industry data shows that in the US market, a student that successfully completes a course on Digital Matter, like Front-End or iOS app developing and Digital Marketing, on average finds a new, better paying job in three to four months.
  • Why an online course?
    The best schools used to be available only to few students: the ones that lived around the school or could leave their home and spend weeks or even years in another city to attend classes. Technology allows us to offer high-quality education to whoever has access to a computer and a broadband internet connection, without any additional cost that is not directly related to study: no travel costs, no renting fees.
  • Why a live online course?
    A live teacher makes a lesson easier to follow, he can answer questions and integrate the learning material with last-hour news. The Internet is also full of learning tools but statistics show that about 95% of the students don’t get to the end of self-teaching courses and many are discouraged by complex topics. The live classroom environment with a limited number of students is the best learning environment: it fosters a positive group dynamics between teacher and students making the lessons richer, interactive, productive, easier to comprehend keeping the students motivated. A live teacher can answer questions and explore topics in detail.